Will the future cosmetic packaging be a plastic bottle or a glass bottle? (1)


In the future, the cosmetics packaging materials are th […]

In the future, the cosmetics packaging materials are the main ups and downs? Glass or plastic? In recent years, the cosmetics market has been expanding. Under the strong growth of the cosmetics industry, the cosmetics packaging material market has also grown like a snowball. The packaging industry has been basically in recent years. Presenting the situation that the two glasses and plastics are hegemonic, and who will rise and fall in the future?
Will the glass be micro?
For a long time, due to its inertness and impermeability, glass has been packaged to ensure that its ingredients remain intact and maintain product integrity. And in the consumer's impression, the beauty products packaged in the glass reflect the quality of the product, and the glass material packaging represents luxury. It is precisely because glass conveys the message of high quality, purity and product protection that glass is basically in the position of “leading boss” in the cosmetics packaging material industry, especially in the high-end cosmetics market such as perfume, which is basically in a monopoly position.
However, when reporters visited the market, they found that the industry is not optimistic about the future of glass in the cosmetics packaging materials market. Chen Wei, deputy general manager of Huasheng Plastics Co., Ltd. told reporters: "From the perspective of the entire cosmetics packaging industry, glass bottles have always been in the mainstream position in recent years, and this status may continue for a long time to come. However, it is an indisputable fact that plastic materials will gradually replace glass. This will be a slow process from quantitative to qualitative change. In the past, glass can account for 80% of the total market for cosmetic packaging materials, and other materials account for 20%. After a few years, the market may evolve into a glass share drop to 50%, plastics up 40%, and metals, paper and other materials will have a 10% market share."
In Chen Yu's view, glass materials still have the advantage that other materials cannot be copied in a short period of time. The feel and texture are good, but their shortcomings are also very prominent. "A very serious defect of glass is that it is very sensitive to low temperature. However, the temperature difference between north and south in China is large. After the cosmetics in the south are transported to the north, the glass bottles are prone to cracking and other problems. This has led many current manufacturers to reluctant to use glass bottles. ""
On the other hand, high-end skin care products that were previously monopolized by glass bottles are gradually using acrylic with better performance, but the high cost of acrylic also limits its application to high-end cosmetics.
“Glass is a high-energy-consuming industry. The government has now strengthened its control over the glass industry. An obvious example is the government’s strict control over the approval of glass producers. Not only that, there are also many problems in the use of glass bottles, such as before use. It is necessary to use manual cleaning and other problems such as waste disposal after use.” Lin Weiguang, general manager of Shanghai Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. told reporters.
Huaxing Glass, a cosmetic glass packaging material manufacturer, does not agree with the gradual decline of glass. Li Jinhui, general manager of cosmetics sales department of Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. believes that “the order for cosmetic packaging materials of Huaxing glass material is still growing continuously, especially It is used in skin care products because the texture of the glass is very prominent, and plastics and other materials are difficult to compare unless the texture of the product can reach the same level of glass." Regarding the reluctance of plastics to replace the status of glass materials, Li Jinhui told reporters that no matter how the cosmetics packaging industry develops in the future, glass will have a place.

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