Will cosmetic packaging be plastic or glass bottles in the future? (2)


The rise of PET plastics Regardless of the decline of g […]

The rise of PET plastics
Regardless of the decline of glass materials in the field of cosmetics or continued expansion, the strong rise of plastics is unquestionable, Lin Weiguang told reporters, "Plastics were originally used in cosmetic packaging materials, but they are now more and more popular with manufacturers, and the market is also It is doubling every year. The application of plastics in cosmetic packaging materials will be more widespread and will rise rapidly in three years. It should be said that plastics have replaced glass as cosmetic packaging materials. It is a general trend that PET resins have been used in cosmetic packaging materials in recent years. Development, to a certain extent, will accelerate the transformation of plastics to replace glass. "
It is understood that, driven by the continued strong demand in the cosmetics market, a large number of new materials have become the new favorite of the packaging material market in recent years, and PET plastic is one of the best. PET is the abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate polymer, which is popular among manufacturers because it can make up for many defects of glassy materials. Low temperature storage requirements. In addition, Chen Jun also told reporters that "the PET plastic threshold is not high, and its production equipment can invest hundreds of thousands of yuan. Due to the popularization of technology, the production cost of PET bottles has continued to drop. At present, the prices of 1000ml glass bottles and PET bottles Both are around 0.9 yuan, and the cost of glass after spraying and frosting is higher. "
The rise of PET plastic is not a one-off event, Lin Weiguang told reporters, "Plastic was previously synonymous with low-end products. This impression still exists, but the change of consciousness has gradually seen from mid-to-high-end products. Some high-end cosmetics have begun to use plastic as The packaging materials are already comparable to glass bottles in terms of technological effects. However, there will be a transition in this transition, such as a temporary shift to the combination of glass and plastic, such as glass bottles and PET in the package, which is a gradual change the process of."
Although the market for plastic packaging materials represented by PET is rising rapidly, an undeniable fact is that even if glass will face many difficulties in the future, driven by the hot demand of the entire cosmetics industry, the total packaging material market will grow. Orders continue to increase.

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