Why is transparent plastic bottle not as transparent as possible?


Transparent plastic bottle packaging relies on its incr […]

Transparent plastic bottle packaging relies on its increasingly transparent appearance in the field of food and beverage packaging. In the past, glass bottles occupied the leading position in the food and beverage packaging market with their transparent appearance. With the emergence and addition of transparent plastic bottles such as PET and PP, the advantages of lower cost and more advantages of transparent plastic bottles begin to gain the upper hand in the market. Indeed, transparent plastic bottles can allow customers to see the contents of the package at a glance, which obviously plays a very important role in today's untrusted food consumption. However, the production of transparent plastic bottles is not as good as our phenomenon. In order to increase the transparency of plastic bottles, BPA needs to be added. BPA is what we commonly call bisphenol A. We all know that BPA is harmful to the human body, although under certain conditions, the structure of the plastic bottle is stable and will not affect the human body. However, as the transparency increases, the amount of bisphenol A used will increase, which is only harmful to the human body.
Therefore, under the same conditions, our consumers can choose plastic bottles or glass bottles that are not so transparent, so that they will be more at ease when using them.

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