Why are PET health product bottles popular?


For health care product bottles, with the continuous de […]

For health care product bottles, with the continuous development and changes of packaging materials, the packaging styles that can be selected are increasing. In the past, plastic health care bottles were mainly made of PE materials. These PE health care products bottles often have thicker walls, mainly to create the grade of the bottle body. However, for the poorly recovered health care product bottles, in the end, a lot of resources are wasted.
PE health product bottle also has a very big disadvantage is invisibility, that is to say, health products on the shelf, consumers can only rely on label instructions to identify products, which is more and more transparent for the current product today, obviously No longer in line with market development trends. PET health product bottles can solve the need for transparent packaging of products. Good visibility allows consumers to see health care products intuitively, narrowing the distance between products and consumers. In addition, PET health care products have thinner walls, which is an advantage for health care products companies in terms of packaging costs. For the entire society, it is a resource saving and a contribution to society. At the same time, PET health product bottles are far better than PE packaging in terms of recycling.
In view of the current market trend of health care bottles, PET health care bottles will continue to replace the market share of PE health care bottles in the future. Generally speaking, this conforms to the law of market development and is also good for the overall development of society.

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