Where are the new development opportunities for cosmetic bottle companies?


A cosmetic bottle is a container that isolates the gas […]

A cosmetic bottle is a container that isolates the gas from the outside temperature or a container that isolates the external bacteria.
Nowadays, there are many kinds of cosmetics that everyone can see in the market. Of course, there will be many bottles that match them. From the material point of view: there are glass bottles, plastic bottles, PET bottles...
From the production process: there are injection bottles, blow molding bottles...
 From the point of view of the product: there are washing packaging, cream packaging...
New development opportunities for cosmetic bottle companies
The domestically produced cosmetics "Baique Gazelle" was presented as a national gift, which made the recent domestic cosmetics much concerned. Judging from the relevant data, the growth of foreign cosmetics in China has begun to slow down, while some brands in domestic cosmetics have grown at a rate of 30%, which is worth looking forward to.
For a long time, due to the weak domestic cosmetics, the main orders for domestic cosmetic bottles rely on foreign cosmetics brands. These international giants are often large in scale and have many harsh conditions in purchasing cosmetic bottles. The most important thing is that the profit of cosmetic bottle manufacturers is very low. After all, in cooperation with these large multinational companies, pricing power is mainly concentrated in their hands. We can see that domestic cosmetics bottle manufacturers may be based on these reasons. After years of development, there is no such thing as a large scale.
Nowadays, with the rise of domestic cosmetics, for cosmetic bottle companies, there will be new development opportunities when the cosmetics market changes. It is worthy of an opportunity for cosmetic bottle manufacturers to achieve new developments.