What is the progress and positioning of plastic molds?


The concept and awareness of precision is the basic con […]

The concept and awareness of precision is the basic concept and consciousness that plastic mold designers must establish. The mold accuracy includes the overall combination and zero of the mold, the position and shape dimension accuracy of the parts, the matching precision and the positioning accuracy. For example, the blanking gap value and uniformity of the die, the mold clamping position and the guiding precision of the plastic injection mold and the die-casting mold, etc., all need to be ensured by the shape and positional accuracy of the punch and the die, and the position and the matching precision of the guiding device.
    In general, plastic mold design requires strict dimensional accuracy design and calculation. At the same time, the manufacturing process and process accuracy of the parts must be considered to ensure the precision and reliability of the mold.

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