What is the importance of easy carrying of plastic beverage bottles?


Now, people have more and more opportunities and time t […]

Now, people have more and more opportunities and time to go out. In such a scenario, as a beverage manufacturer, the packaging of beverage bottles should not only be based on shaping the brand image and aesthetics, but should also consider the convenience of carrying beverage bottles.
Appropriate weight reduction for beverage bottles. We will find that during the trip, many times the capacity of 500ML beverage bottles is not enough to drink, usually need to be carried, and sometimes it is very inconvenient. If the beverage bottle is properly reduced and can be consumed within one or two times, it will naturally save the trouble of carrying it.
The second is to make appropriate modifications to the body of the beverage bottle to make it easier to integrate with bicycle racks and backpacks for easy portability. It must be merged with these outgoing objects to facilitate people to carry.

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