What has changed in PET bottle packaging?


As we all know, the market share of PET bottle packagin […]

As we all know, the market share of PET bottle packaging is very high, and PET bottles occupy almost half of the plastic bottle packaging market. In the packaging markets of food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, etc., the usage rate of PET bottles is very high. However, in recent years, the market is turning younger. After 90s and after 00s, it has gradually become the main force of market consumption. Great changes have taken place in their consumption characteristics. The demand for packaging has also changed significantly.
People nowadays care about dietary intake. The general intake is relatively small, so the size of the bottle should be discarded in the packaging of food and beverage PET bottles. Small-capacity PET bottles will be more popular.
In addition, the past large-scale mass production of PET bottles has also changed. Personalized and customized PET bottle packaging will be the mainstream of the market.

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