What effect does recycled plastic particles have on packaging?


Plastic recycled particles (commonly known as recycled […]

Plastic recycled particles (commonly known as recycled raw materials) are processed into particles using waste plastics. Plastic recycled granules are processed from waste plastic products as raw materials, and the market is broad. Regardless of the world, wherever there are people, it is inevitable to produce waste plastics,
Moreover, the low price (1200-3500 yuan / ton) is processed into recycled granules (3000-6500 yuan / ton), the cost is low, and the effect is fast.
Recycled plastic particles are mainly classified according to the different raw materials used and the characteristics of the processed plastic particles, generally divided into first, second, and third grade materials.
First grade
It means that the raw materials used are scraps without ground, or called scraps, some are spouts, plastic heads, etc. The quality is also relatively good, that is, they have not been used. In the process of processing new materials, the remaining Small corners, or raw materials of insignificant quality. The particles processed from these wool materials have better transparency and their quality can be compared with new materials, so they are first-grade materials or special-grade materials.
The range of use of this raw material is still relatively large, and the degree of hygiene is also acceptable. It is suitable for packaging outside medicines and foods.
Secondary material
It means that the raw material has been used once, except for high-pressure granulation. Most imported large parts are used in high-pressure granulation. If the imported large parts are industrial films, they have not been exposed to the wind and sun, so their quality is also very good and processing The transparency of the particles is good. At this time, it should also be judged according to the brightness of the particles and whether the surface is rough. This kind of raw material is still a lot less important than the first kind. Because it has not been eroded, it still has the original physical properties, so it can only be used for outer packaging such as home appliance shells and car shells.
Tertiary material
It means that the processed particles have not been very good in terms of elasticity, toughness and other aspects after the raw materials have been used two or more times, and after repeated use, they lose their physical and chemical properties. The safety of its use cannot be guaranteed, and it is accompanied by odors. It may also release toxic and harmful substances and affect the health of users. Therefore, we should refrain from using or using packaging that is not related to people's lives.

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