What do people who recycle high-end cosmetic bottles do with these empty bottles?


Due to the current chaotic market for cosmetic bottle r […]

Due to the current chaotic market for cosmetic bottle recycling in China, people from all walks of life have come to high-end recycling of high-end cosmetic bottles to see what those who recycle empty bottles are doing. The details are as follows:
Recycling high-end cosmetics empty bottles to do, see who is recycling, mainly in the following three situations.
1. Manufacturer of cosmetics
For example, Yue Shi Feng has an empty bottle recycling program, the main reason is secondary utilization. The brand that is doing this is slowly increasing, mainly because of the premise of environmental protection, recycling the product packaging. Generally, the recycler will be given some coupons or points.
2. Some people
This kind of person is divided into two situations. Some are girls who love vanity, want to recycle empty bottles to prove that they have used high-end skin care products, show off in front of colleagues and friends.
Another is that sometimes the sample of skin care products gets much more. You can make a formal dress and buy a bottle (but now it is easier to find a small sample).
3. Unscrupulous profiteers and counterfeiters
Because the price of high-end cosmetics is often very expensive, so some people will not be able to recycle some empty bottles and then put in some fakes to create a real phenomenon, and sometimes this can also fool some old drivers because of the big Most people's judgments are true from the bottle, but this is actually the most unreliable. (By the way, the authentic bottles on the Internet are basically useless. Do you really sell fakes?)