What are the details of cosmetic facial cleanser bottle packaging that need attention?


For cosmetic facial cleanser bottle packaging, it is di […]

For cosmetic facial cleanser bottle packaging, it is different from other packaging, and has always used the form of a tube as a packaging. The hose packaging is easy to squeeze, which is the best feeling that the facial cleansing bottle gives us.
However, with the development of the market, more and more products have begun to pursue differentiation. We have found that in recent years, facial cleanser bottles have begun to appear in various forms. Including plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc. These packages are more exquisite, although the traditional tube-type cleansing bottle packaging is easy to squeeze out. However, in the process of use, these facial cleansing bottles are likely to remain with facial cleansing milk, causing unnecessary waste.
In this regard, the hose facial cleanser bottle should make some changes in design details to improve the consumer experience.

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