What are the concerns about plastic bottle manufacturers about plastic packaging bottles?


Now, technology is changing with each passing day. The […]

Now, technology is changing with each passing day. The rapid emergence of various products has been replaced by express delivery. Among them, such as the universal charger, once flooded the market. With the development of the market, especially the changes of mobile phones, the universal charger is quickly eliminated by the market, precisely based on these market realities. Many of our employees in the plastic bottle industry will often feel the crisis. When will plastic bottles be eliminated and replaced?
This worry is not groundless. First of all, the raw materials for plastic bottles come from oil. Oil is a non-renewable resource. One day, how to find new raw materials to make plastic bottles, otherwise it will not be sustainable. Secondly, the risk of the policy is that plastic bags are banned by the "plastic ban" due to white pollution. Plastic bottles are also contaminated, so they also face policy risks.
However, Shaoxing Haijing Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. believes that plastic bottle packaging technology is constantly improving, and that lightweight, recyclable, etc. are constantly improving. Therefore, plastic bottle packaging does not require much worry.