What are the characteristics of acrylic cream bottles?


Acrylic cream bottles have excellent transparency, ligh […]

Acrylic cream bottles have excellent transparency, light transmittance of more than 92%, good anti-aging performance, and can be used at ease outdoors. Acrylic packaging bottles have a wide variety and rich colors, and have extremely excellent comprehensive performance. It provides a variety of options, which can be dyed, and the surface can be painted, silk screened or vacuum coated.
Acrylic cream bottle has good transparency, light transmittance is above 92%, so it looks crystal-like transparency, soft light, clear vision, and can also be colored with dyes, and under the promotion of material, There will be a very good color development effect. So not only from the perspective of texture, but also from the perspective of color and color, the appearance of the acrylic cream bottle is very good, and it can achieve a high degree of beauty.
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Acrylic cream bottle has very good anti-aging performance, is not easy to aging, has extremely excellent comprehensive performance, wear resistance is close to aluminum, stability is also very good, and resistant to a variety of chemical corrosion, so when in use It is not easily affected by external factors, and can maintain a stable structure performance state for a long time, so as to achieve long-term applications and have a long service life.
Acrylic cream bottles can fully meet the requirements of decorative performance, mainly because they have excellent transparency and can reach high light transmittance. Under the promotion of this characteristic, there will be a crystal-like transparent texture, showing The transparent visual effect of the management makes people feel that the bottle is of high grade visually, which is conducive to improving the grade of the product and allowing consumers to trust the product quality from the packaging. Coupled with the soft light and clear vision of the acrylic cream bottle, it can achieve a very good appearance in appearance, giving a very beautiful feeling.
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