The risk of the olive oil bottle industry needs to be cautious and preventive


In the past, olive oil, as a high-end edible oil, has b […]

In the past, olive oil, as a high-end edible oil, has been in a state of high price in terms of price, coupled with the general lack of knowledge about olive oil. Therefore, many olive oil traders import low-priced olive oil from abroad, and purchase olive oil bottles in the country to obtain high profits. In the past few years, the sales of olive oil bottles have shown a rising trend.
  At present, many companies in China are producing and selling olive oil bottles. However, we believe that the good state of this market will not last long. With the deepening of people's understanding of olive oil. The high profits of olive oil will gradually disappear. People's consumption will tend to be rational. The dividend of the olive oil market disappeared. These speculative traders will eventually withdraw from this market. For olive oil bottle companies, you need to pay attention to the risks involved. After all, if the olive oil bottle is too much in stock, it will put a lot of pressure in the later stage. Once the market is in a downturn, the digestion market for these olive oil bottles may take a long time.
  Therefore, for olive oil bottle manufacturers, we should pay attention to cooperation with large-scale enterprises with stable production capacity. As far as possible, the ability to expand production capacity for a single order should be controlled as much as possible.

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