The importance of self-testing of plastic bottles in "cosmetic bottles"


The production of "cosmetic bottle" plastic molds is a […]

The production of "cosmetic bottle" plastic molds is a very rigorous thing, and self-test before processing should be strengthened. Every process must be carefully reviewed. We all know that after the processing of plastic mold parts, it is irreversible. Without regret, if the processing is wrong, the parts of the plastic mold will be scrapped and need to be restocked and reprocessed. Time, wasted labor costs, and more importantly wasted money. The cost of mold steel for plastic molds accounts for a large proportion of the total cost of molds, especially for large plastic molds, such as automobile bumper molds, automotive air conditioner molds, and so on. Therefore, self-testing before plastic mold processing is particularly important.
For the design of the "Cosmetics Bottle" plastic mold, it should be in place once. After the plastic mold processing is sealed, the modification of the mold data should be minimized. If the plastic mold processing data must be modified, then the storage and filing work should be done. Before the plastic mold is processed, self-test should be carried out in every process, especially the mold release can be detected by the programmer. The self-test of the plastic mold also includes the measurement and inspection of the size of the plastic mold, and the inspection of the precision of the plastic mold after processing.
For the problems found in the self-inspection of the "cosmetic bottle" plastic mold, we must promptly correct and record, to avoid errors and economic losses. An excellent plastic mold company should have a set of effective inspection procedures and remedial solutions. Every practitioner must have a self-test awareness.