The convergence of the plastic bottle industry to enhance the development of the industry


Plastic bottle manufacturers have always been concentra […]

Plastic bottle manufacturers have always been concentrated in Ganzhou, Hebei. However, Cangzhou is mainly based on the production of medicinal plastic bottles, so the North is relatively scattered in the production of other plastic bottle types. For example, Zhejiang Shangyu and Guangzhou have specialized cosmetics plastic bottle production bases, and Zhejiang Cixi is a professional food plastic bottle production base. These professional plastic bottle production centers provide great convenience for buyers.
   For the northern region, we believe that it is necessary to have such a professional plastic bottle of various types of production areas. In recent years, with the continuous transfer of industries, the northern economy has also begun to develop rapidly and catch up. The demand for various plastic bottle packaging is increasing, not limited to the single field of medicinal plastic bottles. For example, the food industry in Henan has always been very developed. The distribution of food plastic bottle manufacturers around Zhengzhou is convenient for purchasing on the one hand, and is also conducive to the reduction of procurement logistics costs on the other hand, which is a huge improvement for the local food industry competitiveness.
   In the future, we hope to gradually form different plastic bottle clusters throughout the north to further promote the competitiveness of the local industry.

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