Teach you how to buy plastic bottles (2)


3、 the principle of choosing plastic bottles (1) No mat […]

3、 the principle of choosing plastic bottles
(1) No matter what raw material is selected, the plastic bottle must first meet the requirements of non-toxicity and no peculiar smell. Due to the variety of main raw materials available, it is necessary to select the comprehensive performance of the raw materials. Generally, high-density polymer Ethylene and polypropylene bottles, if you need transparency, you can use polyester bottles (PET bottles), if you need higher barrier performance, and light blocking, opaque, then choose brown PET bottles, liquid dosage forms generally use polypropylene bottles or polyester bottles As the main raw material. At present, the packaging bottles of nutrition and health products and food in China are mainly made of PET or HPDE, and the caps are made of PP.
(2) The tightness and water vapor permeability of the bottle body and cap. Hermeticity and water vapor permeability are two important technical indicators of plastic bottles, and they play an important role in the stability of the packaged products.
(3) Quality standards for plastic bottles. The quality of the products can be analyzed and judged from the quality standards of the manufacturers.
(4) Quality assurance system. Auditing suppliers has become an indispensable part of purchasing plastic bottles. Through the audit, we can make a comprehensive and correct assessment of the production plant's software and hardware facilities, technical equipment, and comprehensive level of quality.
(5) Used for packaging medicines, nutraceuticals, foods and beverages. Recyclables must never be used. The "Sanitary Management Measures for Plastic Products and Raw Materials for Food" promulgated by the Ministry of Health has clear regulations on this: Packaging materials must not use recycled plastics. "The regulations were promulgated on November 26, 1990.
4、Current status of plastic bottles
Plastic bottles can be seen everywhere in life, and plastic bottles are closely related to people's daily lives. It can be said that no one knows, no one knows, and everywhere. There are also large plastic recycling bases in China, but the supervision is not standardized and the quality is uneven. In addition to many plastic bottles made of recycled materials, it is harmful to people's health and birth, as well as pollution during industrial transportation, which also seriously harms consumers' health.
The Ministry of Health's "Administrative Measures for Hygienic Management of Plastic Products and Raw Materials for Food" has clear provisions on this: "While processing plastic tableware, containers and food packaging materials, recycled plastics are not allowed." Recycled waste plastics can be processed into other supplies. Driven by interests, many businesses currently choose low-cost recycled materials to make products, which is indeed worrying. If you find impurities on the bottle during use, when the transparency of the transparent bottle is low, you must be vigilant and polish your eyes.