Simple and convenient shampoo bottle is popular


  Because the design of the shampoo bottle is unreasona […]

  Because the design of the shampoo bottle is unreasonable and causes some unnecessary troubles in the use process, I think it will happen more or less. Most of our common shampoo bottles are made of oval bottles and opaque PE. Ordinary shampoo bottles often cause some troubles due to the inconvenience of the eyes during use. The designer Piao Hailong, Bao Haimo, Miao Pengpeng, Liu Yuancheng and Xu Kun teamed up to design a shampoo bottle that designed a hole on the bottle that could be hung from the hook or faucet. This simple design allows the user to simply squeeze and get the shampoo needed with one hand. This hangable design allows customers to bend over to pick up the shampoo that is placed on the floor when in use. In addition, the entire shampoo bottle is made of a transparent material, so that the color and capacity of the product can be well seen from the appearance. It completely avoids the waste caused by not seeing the rest.

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