Select the point of attention for the lipstick tube


Lipstick tube, as its name implies, is applied to lipst […]

Lipstick tube, as its name implies, is applied to lipstick and lipstick products. However, with the rise of lip sticks, lip gloss, lip glaze and other lipstick products, many packaging materials factories have fine-tuned the packaging material structure of lipstick tubes to form a full range of applications.
1, choose a lipstick tube supplier
Be sure to complete the evaluation of the supplier's bead snail design before selecting the supplier. You should not choose the supplier for the following reasons: L'Oreal has also used it; (Your material is different, your filling machine is different.) ); This is cheap, the supplier's aluminum plastic channel is unstable; the assembly line has no experience, or is not standardized; The easiest way to provide a suitable beaded screw drawing is that the supplier is mysterious.
2, the quality control indicators of lipstick tube
There are hand-feeling indicators, filling machine requirements, transportation vibration requirements, anti-air tightness, material compatibility problems, size matching problems, aluminum plastic tolerance and color problems, capacity problems, and filling volume To meet the product claim value problem.
3, the risk of using aluminum lipstick tube
Process limitations during the drawing and cutting process of aluminum products, if the structure of the product is not handled smoothly, it may pose a potential safety risk to consumers! Use the blade test equipment that meets the requirements of US CFR 16 CFR1500.49 and select The pressure sensitive insulating high temperature resistant tape specified in MIL-I-23594B (1971) is tested to evaluate the risk of the product.

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