How to treat the distribution status of blowing mold enterprises?


After long-term development, the plastic bottle industr […]

After long-term development, the plastic bottle industry has gradually formed a number of industrial clusters in the north and south, and a professional blow molding machine production base has gradually formed around these industrial gathering places. At present, several important blow molding machine production bases have been formed in Taizhou Huangyan, Guangdong Foshan, Jiangsu Lianyungang and Hebei Yinzhou.
   As an indispensable equipment for blowing bottles, the blowing mold has not formed a balanced development, and is currently concentrated in Huangyan, Taizhou. Many domestic plastic bottle manufacturers need to buy blow molds from Huangyan. In this way, plastic bottle manufacturers, especially those in the northeast and northwest, need to run a long distance when they purchase. Blowing molds are used as products for manufacturers to open molds. The frequency of replacement is much higher than that of blow molding machines. Some plastic bottle manufacturers have a specified delivery time after receiving the order. If you need short-term delivery, the purchase of blow molds requires a quick purchase. In this case, since there is no manufacturer of blow molds in the periphery, it has caused great trouble for the plastic bottle manufacturers. This is also an urgent problem to be solved in the domestic blow mould industry.