How Acrylic Bottles Breaked the Packaging Market


Acrylic cosmetic bottles, which have the appearance and […]

Acrylic cosmetic bottles, which have the appearance and texture of glass bottles and the low cost and low cost characteristics of plastic bottles, have led to the rapid growth of other cosmetic bottle packaging containers and occupying a large market share. However, behind the rapid growth, we found that it has almost no application in other packaging fields.

We can analyze that in the food field, plastic bottles made of acrylic are difficult to meet the edible standard, so it is difficult to enter the field of food packaging. In the chemical industry, chemical products often require low cost. Compared with PVC and PP, the cost of acrylic plastic bottle packaging is difficult to have a competitive advantage. In the field of medical packaging, the appearance of acrylic packaging is too luxurious, and there are PET plastic bottles with better performance.
Therefore, improving the performance of acrylic plastic bottle packaging materials and adapting it to a wider market is the only way to maintain continued market growth. Otherwise, it is difficult for acrylic plastic bottles to make new market breakthroughs.