Food bottle packaging should do more instructions


Speaking of food bottle packaging, the recycling rate o […]

Speaking of food bottle packaging, the recycling rate of food bottles on the market is currently generally low. Food bottles are relatively safe in the production and sales process, because there are related QS quality standards to restrict and supervise them. However, in the use process, food bottle packaging has a variety of factors that will cause packaging safety issues, which will affect people's health.
First of all, some food bottles are recycled in the market, especially glass food bottles. For this part of the food bottle packaging, it should be similar to glass beer bottles, with a specified service life. After the expiration date, glass food bottles should be discarded and not recycled. Secondly, there are many problems with the use of food bottles in the hands of consumers. For example, food bottle packaging in the kitchen, because of the high temperature environment, food bottle packaging is vulnerable. Let's take a look again. Some food bottles, such as buckets, are used repeatedly by many people, which can easily lead to safe packaging.
We hope that there are relevant regulations to restrict it, and more instructions on food bottle packaging to let consumers understand how to properly use food bottle packaging.

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