Empty cosmetics bottle magic method


This is indeed the case. The most hesitant thing to say […]

This is indeed the case. The most hesitant thing to say is the variety of cosmetic bottles. It doesn’t feel like it’s used, but such a delicate bottle is reluctant to throw it... In fact, these seem useless. Cosmetic bottles, as long as after some minor modifications, there are many uses you can't think of.
Storage artifact
Pick a few bottles of delicate, regular shape and wash them, dry them, and do the bottling of travel. For example, using an aloe vera gel in an eye cream bottle is convenient for carrying and very textured. Like some lighter bottles, it can also be used as a hand cream, body lotion, etc. It is also possible to wash the empty bottles with water, dry them, and label them to form a storage box. Pins, paper clips, studs, etc. can be thrown in for easy access and safety.
Face value
Some bottles are slender, small bottles and perfume bottles, and it is unrealistic to do storage. What should I do? The easiest way is to open the stopper at the mouth of the bottle and clean the bottle. A decorative container. The shape of a lotion bottle or a perfume bottle is generally very special. It is used to make a vase. It is not too expensive for a moment. Simply inserting a bunch of flowers is good enough, and the mother who has the heart can choose some bottles of the same color to make it more flavorful. Some of the bottle's fonts are not very good looking. You can use some of the pasteable texture paper to stick the word part of the bottle. Some of the patterns are too messy cosmetic bottles, you can also make your own modifications. For example, print some nice patterns or logos, cut them and paste them on the bottle. This method can not only be converted into a vase, but also DIY a unique scented candle. After learning this trick, you will never have to use the scented candles of Zu Malong 500. You can easily DIY one less than 5 pieces. The operation is very simple, choose a suitable glass bottle, and then prepare some scented candles (the size of the candle is determined by the size of the bottle). According to your preference, add some stickers or decorations to the surface of the container, and a beautiful scented candle will be completed.
Other magical use
In addition to storage and decoration, there are many uses for bottles and cans. For example, transform into a very practical cleaning tool - a sustainable cleaning bottle.
First cut the dish towel into the size of the bottle cap. Evenly puncture the holes on the cap and apply a waterproof glue evenly over the edges. Then, the dish towel is attached to the bottle cap, and the detergent can be directly used after adding the detergent. From then on, the dishwashing dishes are washed, and there is no need to use hands-on hands. It is only necessary to replace the dish towel regularly.