"Cosmetic bottle" empty bottle is recycled. Be careful


There are a lot of cases in the market to recycle empty […]

There are a lot of cases in the market to recycle empty bottles of cosmetic bottles, which is nothing more than the use of fake cottage brands. We must be vigilant and try to avoid this situation. The details are as follows:
After using the skin care products, what will you do with the remaining bottles of cosmetic bottles? Most people will lose them, and some people will stay for collection. However, some people will choose to sell them online, not only will they be sold soon. And the price is still very good. “What have you been doing with these empty skin care products?” Have you ever thought about this question? Say it and scare you, the answer is “install fakes and sell them to you”
The public buys skin care products. The real bottle [cosmetic bottle] fakes. Ms. An, who lives in a neighborhood near the intersection of Lighthouse Road and Yongming Road, lives in the city, and consumes a lot of skin care products. So Ms. An prefers to shop online. "Often buy things, I think practicing out of eyes, basically able to determine is not genuine, but the most important trick is to see the bottle." Ms. Ann said. Not long ago, Ms. An bought a bottle of a certain brand of emulsion, the counter price of 860 yuan, the purchase price as long as 490 yuan. "I have done my homework. When I am discounted abroad, this price can also be bought." After receiving the goods, Ms. An carefully compared the key signs such as the bottle body, confirming that it was true, she received the goods and used it. However, within a few days, Ms. An felt that she was not quite right, and she began to have allergic symptoms on her face. "There was no such situation in the original counters." So Ms. An contacted the seller, but the seller refused to return the goods on the grounds that they had been opened. Subsequently, Ms. An took the product to the counter, and the counter staff said that the bottle was real, but the skin care products inside were fake. Empty bottle recycling can be seen everywhere on the Internet. The staff of the counter told Ms. Ann that this situation is not unusual. Someone on the Internet specializes in recycling old bottles in order to use fake bottles. The skin care products that are filled in this way have the same appearance and authenticity, but the things inside are very different, and it is difficult for consumers to judge the true and false. Once the opening is enabled, the seller refuses to return the goods on the grounds that it has been opened.
There are also many apps on the Internet that sell idle items. The reporter downloaded an app that sells idle goods and searched for the keyword "empty bottle". The webpage jumped out of various skin care products and cosmetics, and the price was based on the price of genuine skin care products. For example, the price of genuine skin care products is 200 yuan to 300 yuan, and the price of empty bottles can be sold for about 10 yuan. For more expensive skin care products, the price of empty bottles can be sold for 50 yuan. The reporter contacted Ms. Li, a seller selling empty bottles in the city. Ms. Li said: "I sold an empty bottle of eye cream on my Internet last time. A small bottle sold for 50 yuan. I just sold the bottle. The buyer bought it back for collection or distribution. I don't know. After the fake purchase of large profits, the reporter put a few empty bottles on the app, that is, empty cosmetics bottles for sale, less than a day, someone came to the door to ask for price, and said that a large number of genuine skin care products can be purchased. The reporter asked him what to do with the empty bottle, and the other party answered with "you know". Ms. Ren, who has many years of purchasing experience, said that when the purchasing business is bigger, there will be some “sales agents” who come to the door, saying that they can provide goods, and they can earn several times more profits when they enter their goods. The imitations they provide are almost exactly the same as the original ones, but the price is only about 1/2 of the genuine ones. "As for the small ticket or something, it is even more important, a printer can get it, even the pos list can be forged, and there is no trace at all." Ms. Ren revealed.