Casting runner system and melt runner structure and influence on products


The gating system refers to the flow path of the plasti […]

The gating system refers to the flow path of the plastic melt in the mold from the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the cavity.
The function of the pouring system is to smoothly fill the plastic melt to a part of the cavity, and to transfer the injection pressure to various parts of the cavity during the filling and holding process to obtain a plastic product with clear shape and excellent internal quality.
The gating system differs slightly depending on the type of injection molding machine, but the basic composition is four parts: the main channel, the runner, the bushing and the cold well.
Generally, the shape and size of the casting runner are designed to be reasonable or not, and have a great relationship with the flow velocity and pressure of the melt during injection, the quality and geometry of the molded product, and the dimensional accuracy.

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