Blowing molds to solve online transactions still need to solve many problems


With the popularity of the network, more and more trans […]

With the popularity of the network, more and more transactions are now formed on the Internet. For the manufacturer of blow molds, online sales can reduce the funds for publicity, and there is a certain amount of orders. The purchaser also reduces the funds for obtaining information, reduces the cost of finding the manufacturer, and is more convenient and quick.
   However, we believe that it is not entirely realistic for the blowing mold to completely trade through the network. There are three major factors in online trading: First, the trading volume of blowing molds is relatively large. This is not very safe through the network. Buyers need to conduct on-the-spot investigations and learn about the strength and scale of the blow mold manufacturers. Second: the blowing mold has higher requirements for operability, and requires technical guidance from relevant personnel, which must bypass the network. Send personnel to the field to study. Three: transportation problems of blowing molds. Blowing molds are very important for blower manufacturers, and they are damaged and destroyed on the transportation route. It is difficult for buyers and manufacturers to make clear things.
   We do not deny the speed and convenience of the network, but we still need a lot of problems to solve for real transactions.

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