Are liquid plastic bottles harmful to the body?


Many people cover liquid plastic bottles when sending t […]

Many people cover liquid plastic bottles when sending them for recycling. This is usually inappropriate. This is not because the plastic used to make plastic liquid bottle caps cannot be recycled, most types of plastic can be recycled. It is because the plastic used to make plastic bottle caps and the plastic used to make the bottle body are usually not the same type, and if two types of plastic are mixed together for recycling, it is equivalent to contaminating one plastic with another, Thus reducing its use value, or it takes labor to separate the two during processing.
Another reason for not recycling bottle caps is that PE bottle caps may jam the machine when plastic bottles are processed in the recycling center. In addition, bottle caps may threaten the safety of recycling workers. Most of the recovered liquid plastic bottles are squashed and packed before being shipped away. If the lid of the liquid plastic bottle is tightly closed and the bottle body is not compressed and cracked, when the temperature rises, an explosion may occur due to the expansion of the gas in the bottle, causing workers to be injured.
Therefore, before recycling plastic bottles, it is more responsible to remove and discard the caps. Some recycling centers may also accept the recycling of bottle caps, but the caps and bottles should also be kept open.